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Designed for Founders leading the future.

Your message is a powerful tool in building an authentic, reputable and impactful personal brand.

You’re an ambitious tech Founder who works in crypto, the metaverse or another area of ‘new’. Every day you’re making exciting developments in your business, and becoming more aware of the impactful message you have to share with your audience.

However, as a busy Founder, you want to spend your time on innovation and creation—not personal branding. You’re aware that to attract opportunities and investors, you need a brand that’s representative of who you are, your core values and beliefs.

We believe in the message behind the metrics —not millions of followers, viral posts, or overnight success. This belief sits at the heart of our approach, as we work to discover the message that will resonate with your audience and create long-term impact.

LAUNCH your identity in the tech space, attract investors and become a leader in the digital revolution.

Sohail Rashid

Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of Braun

“Working with Hannah and her team has enabled me to turn a previously very poor social media presence into a personal brand, which is both visible to my audience and aligned with the wider messaging of myself and my company. I loved the tenacity of Hannah’s approach - she knew exactly what I needed to do and why this was important. I knew their process had been successful for others, the approach taken was solid, and the team were very easy to work with.”

What We Do

Personal brand strategy & coaching

‘Done for you’ profile copywriting

Social media and content strategy

‘Done for you’ social media

Brand identity


LinkedIn & Twitter


Launch is a personal brand consultancy for Founders and Directors who work in the areas of ‘new’.

The Founder creating a new product in the NFT sphere

The Director leading the way in the Metaverse

The Ceo launching a new and innovative app

These individuals have huge ambition, passion and a vision for a greater future. They know their product or service can revolutionise how we do things and are ready to share this with the world. They understand that personal branding isn’t about fame and followers; it’s about their reputation, authenticity and the positive impact they have on their clients, team and suppliers.


Want to become famous overnight or find a ‘quick fix’

Believe followers and likes are the only metrics of success

Follow others and don’t have their own authentic message

Don’t want to create opportunities for others

We believe in the message behind the metrics. You don’t need thousands of likes or a huge following to start building a business of impact. Once you’ve harnessed your message—and aligned it with your changemaker values—your network will expand organically. What’s more, you’ll see people invest and engage without having to write pointless posts on social media.

Working with us

Launchpad is our signature programme, designed as a fully ‘done for you’ personal branding service. Our focus is LinkedIn, but we can support you across all of your desired platforms.During Launchpad we focus on the 5Ps:






At the end of our Launchpad programme, you will have:

  • Clarity around your message, niche and target audience (presented in a ‘personal brand pack’)
  • Consistent messaging & branding across all platforms
  • Fully written social media taglines, headers, biosContent and social media strategy
  • Ready to go visual content templates
  • Automated LinkedIn outreach to grow your network and increase opportunities

Brand Identity is designed as an add-on programme to Launchpad, offering you a complete brand design:

Your personal brand logo

Podcast assets


Logos & colour schemes

Our Partners

Who We Are

Hannah Power

Hannah is a personal brand coach who has worked full time in the industry since 2018 (but unofficially since 2012). Over the years, she has worked with 300+ Entrepreneurs, Founders, Directors and CEOs, launching them from overwhelm and confusion into personal brands with clear messaging and a strong online presence. Having built her successful personal branding agency ‘Powerful Leaders’ up to 10+ employees, she now focuses on coaching impact-driven business leaders, supporting them to find their message and build a digital business they’re truly excited about.

Hannah has worked with many innovational tech startups throughout the years, learning about the mindset and time challenges tech leaders face. By creating Launch, she offers a ‘done for you’ personal brand consulting service to support CEOs, Founders and Directors in building powerful personal brands aligned with their innovational vision.

Steph Connolly

Steph is the founder of Rewrite, a small agency focused on creating aligned content strategies for founder-led businesses. With a background in the education industry (running her own successful tutoring business), Steph transformed her offering in 2017, working with international companies to align their values and business vision with their social content. Now creating successful multi-platform strategies for founders running SMEs, Steph has supported small businesses to create viral content, positioning them as the expert within their field.

Whether small following or large, navigating the online world can be daunting, Steph prides herself on simplifying the complex, debunking future tech and welcoming in an audience that is eager to learn and buy.

Case Study

Meet Joe: a leading U.K. crypto accounting expert disrupting the space of accountancy as we know it.

Through the use of tech and cryptocurrency, Joe supports future-facing entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their finances and drive growth within their businesses.

However, when Joe first came to us, he was finding it challenging to position himself as the changemaker he deserved to be. He wanted to tell his story, inspire others, and impact his audience. However, he struggled to find the time and the knowledge to build a successful personal brand that was connected to his business and aligned with his values.

Why did Joe come to us?

What did we do?

The outcome...

Where is Joe now?

Since Launch, Joe’s business has grown exponentially. The power of his personal brand has seen him attract significant opportunities, such as his appointment as an official consultant on the implementation of crypto and NFT in the UK.

What’s more, as a leading expert in his field, his calendar is booked out, and he is regularly invited to speak at workshops, webinars, and on digitally-focused podcasts. Most recently, he has been invited on a paid 6-day roadshow as the face of UK crypto accounting.

We continue to work closely with Joe as he grows, working with both external agencies and internally within his own business and team. In the last few months alone, Joe has made some incredible developments in his business as a result of his personal brand. He has:

  • Gained influential PR opportunities with huge names like AccountingWEB and CPD Store.
  • Expanded his business model, aiming to launch an NFT membership for clients this year (his clients are already whitelisting to get priority). We’re also working closely with FactoryDAO to turn this project into the first crypto accounting DAO.
  • Successfully expanded his business into the UAE and is regularly picked up by major accounting firms worldwide.
  • Gained major Cardano funding.

Joe David

Crypto Accounting Expert

“Since Launch, I’ve been showing up, with support, on two social platforms, been presented with amazing opportunities and have also taken to launching both businesses properly on socials after a lacklustre attempt myself. I still work closely with Steph now and have regular calls with Hannah to keep me in check”

Let’s get started

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