The Infopreneurs Circle

Would you like to turn what you've learnt, experienced and love doing into a solo business, centred on helping others?

For growth minded, compassionate, entrepenerial thinkers who have lots of ideas, tons of passion and now need the framework to help them achieve their goals.

Join The I-Circle and build an information-based business where people pay you for your knowledge and skills.

Would you like to build an online scalable business doing what you love, based on what you already know?

Have you spent the last few years admiring others sharing online content, creating digital products, writing books, and teaching from all over the world, knowing you can do it too?

They make it look easy. Turning ideas into content, content into products, and products into £££.

But you seem to find yourself unsure where to start, unsure what your ‘thing’ is, and having loads of ideas but struggling to execute.

You’re unsure of your message, unclear of what you actually do and who you do it for.

You’re doing loads of different things, but none of them are working.

You lack focus and move between excitement and overwhelm constantly.

You want more. You have passion. And you want to share that passion with the world.

I get it. I was once stuck doing work that was unfulfilling daily. It didn’t align with my vision. It didn’t align with my mission in life. I felt drained, overwhelmed, and quite frankly — I was not having any fun.

When I first launched my online business, it wasn’t aligned with my values.

I’d done what others had done before me, but it wasn’t what I wanted. My message was wrong. My business model didn’t excite me. And my marketing wasn’t generating the results I needed.

So I shut my initial business down and created the personal branding empire I have now. When I did that, something shifted in me.

I felt much more passion for my work and the people I served. Now people pay me to coach and teach them. My passion helped me grow my business to a place I can be proud to call my own.

And I was able to reach my highest income goals!

I truly believe you can accomplish the same things.

Whether your dream is to create a course, write a book, or launch a program — you’re ready for a change and that change starts now.

What if I told you that it’s possible to:

Have people pay you well just for sharing your knowledge and expertise?
Leverage your passion by using your experience and expertise to teach others?
Create the most fulfilling business that feels aligned with your life’s mission?
Wake up in the morning ecstatic to get started on your day?
Know in your heart that this is what you were meant to do?

Are you ready for the good news?

You CAN make all of this happen and more. I’m here to help you build a business and brand around your story and experience. “How,” you ask? Just by sharing the knowledge you already have inside of you.

One of my I-Circle clients told me this in a voice note that left me over the moon!

“Hannah, you’re an absolutely fantastic coach and I’m really enjoying my time working with you. I was just reflecting on today’s session and where I was back in May, what I know now about myself, what I want to do, and where I’m going — the leap has been astronomical!
You completely push me every single session. You get real. You don’t try to bullsh*t. You clearly have lots of knowledge and expertise. You don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. You tell it how it is. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing!"

Your story is so much more powerful than you realise.

In fact, it’s the core you can centre your business around. This way you’ll build a  business that you feel absolutely ecstatic about.

Because it’s not just about the money for you — you want to create something you feel passionate about. Something that helps you create the biggest impact.

“It takes a lot to please me but Hannah has blown me away!”
“Hannah is just like Mary Poppins, ‘practically perfect in every way’.
It takes a lot to please me but Hannah has blown me away! She's super smart and knows more about personal branding than anyone that I've ever met.
She does exactly what she says and more, as a self-confessed achievement addict, she even surpassed my expectations!!! Hire her if you get a chance, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.”

Jenny Rossiter

Introducing My Signature Programme The I-Circle

The I-Circle is designed to help solopreneurs and founders (like you) turn their expertise into a business they absolutely love + build your personal brand as a leader in your niche while having an impact on your audience.

What makes this programme different?

I’ve taken loads of programmes too so I know you’re probably skeptical, I don’t blame you. The issue I’ve had with programmes I’ve taken in the past is that they give tons of information without any clear or actionable help. It’s all theory.

They leave you with the know-how but you’re left to figure the rest out for yourself. This is why many business owners don’t always get what they want out of programmes or courses they invest in.

The I-Circle focuses on a hands-on step-by-step holistic approach, rather than a theoretical approach.

This way you can implement what you’ve learned during the process and leave with the highest results!

This programme is a combination of education, accountability, and community to support you. All I ask is that you give your 100% and commit to change — and I’ll help you every step along the way. I’m not here to just provide you with the know-how, but to give you actionable tips you can apply immediately.

In The I-Circle, you’ll discover your perfect niche. You’ll blend your niche with your unique experience — so you can finally feel passionate about your work every day.

Sign up for as little as 3 months, or as long as 12 months. The more you put in, the more you get out of the I-Circle programme.

After our time together, you’ll have a dynamic business built completely around your expertise.

“Hannah also tweaked my business model, supporting me to DOUBLE my monthly revenue within a week of our session.”
“I had heard amazing things about Hannah before working together, but no testimonial could do our session justice; she truly blew my mind. In just a short amount of time, she was able to decipher my niche and audience, expressing it in a way that I had never found the words for (ironic as a copywriter!). Hannah also tweaked my business model, supporting me to DOUBLE my monthly revenue within a week of our session.”

Zoe Wilkes

What does the The I-Circle include?

You’ll have help around every corner. Here's how I'll take you from feeling unfulfilled and overworked to enjoying true entrepreneurial passion and freedom!

1-1 Coaching with me

Each month we will spend 60 minutes together (or two lots of 30 minutes) focused on you and your business. This gives you an opportunity to get some additional focus on you.

Please note, there is an option to upgrade to further 1-1 coaching sessions at a 10% discount once you are within the programme.

Group coaching to take you through the infopreneur model

There will be value-packed LIVE sessions twice per week. (You don’t want to miss these!)
This is where you can ask questions, get helpful tips, and LIVE answers to problems specific to your business.I'm even bringing in experts to teach many different topics so you can really uplevel your knowledge.

See who will be attending below.

(Don’t worry if you have to miss a session due to schedule conflicts. These will be recorded so you can watch at your own pace.)

Unlimited support and peer-to-peer networking

You get full support from me PLUS a community of like-minded passionate business owners just like you.
You’ll have unlimited access to our private Slack channel where you can ask questions, get help and post thoughts. Every member in The I-Circle is handpicked to ensure our group is mission-driven, purpose-led, and ready to succeed.  
My goal is to create the strongest network and community to ensure you leave with a business you’re truly passionate about.

Your own
personalised workspace

Access to your own Notion workspace packed with courses and content geared toward discovering your message, model, marketing, and more!
You can watch the lessons at your own pace to really take the information in and take action straight away. This is also where you can take notes, stay organised, and get my personal review on all of your achievements as you go.

Access to
The I-Circle workspace

This is where you get instant access to me and where you can find your upcoming sessions and ways to get support.
I teach you everything I’ve learnt and have implemented in my own business. I continue to learn every day and *never* hold back on teaching my ongoing knowledge.
Inside you’ll also find apps, books, and podcast recommendations so you can continue to rise above your competition.
PLUS a focus playlist where I’ve compiled a list of songs to help you zero in on your tasks so you don’t miss a beat.

“Hannah was amazing in guiding me through her programme and supporting me 100% every step of the way.”
“I absolutely loved working with Hannah. When I first met her, I was looking to find my niche and further develop my passion about sustainable finance - I had no idea where to start and found it extremely hard to focus on just one thing. Hannah was amazing in guiding me through her programme and supporting me 100% every step of the way. She has her special way of combining empathy, professionalism, and tenacity, digging deeper into her clients' personal stories and helping them find the clarity and confidence they need.”

Carlotta Giacche

The Infopreneurs Circle

Plus these extra bonuses!

Learn from expert guest speakers:

Here's a peek at some of the wonderful speakers I've lined up.

Speaker 1

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Speaker 2

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Speaker 3

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Tj Power

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Speaker 5

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Speaker 6

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

Speaker 7

Understanding your brain and how to overcome mindset blocks.

A copy of my book The Power of You. Get clear, actionable steps to grow your personal brand. It's packed with productivity resources you can immediately apply to your business.

10% off other products and services. Get 10% off my other Hannah Power products and services to get the most out of your experience — including brand identity, photoshoots, brochure design, and 1-1 coaching upgrades.

Exclusive ‘Hire my Team’ access. I work with loads of amazing people and you will get complete access to them — from copywriters to website builders to designers.

How does it work?


Apply for a coveted spot in the group

I only accept 30 passion-driven business owners so I can give you my undivided attention.

This is where we find out if this group programme is the right fit for you.


Once you’re chosen, it’s time to get down to business.

We will look at your story to find exactly what we can build your business around. And what you can get paid well for teaching.

This is where we focus on finding your *sweet spot* in your message, model, and marketing.


You walk away with an info-based business you’re truly passionate about.

And your ideal clients will be paying you well for your expertise.  

This is where we start to scale out, launching more products and expanding your reach.

Your Infopreneur Journey



We focus on finding your *sweet spot* in your message, model, and marketing.

Once we figure out the right approach that is *perfect* for you, we launch together in this time frame to watch your concept unfold.  

Let’s prove your concept BEFORE you build your assets around it.



Once we launch, it’s time to create/update your website, and take advantage of additional marketing avenues.

We’ll create a strong foundation and get you a solid audience following, allowing your business for stable growth.

Let’s get you ready for predictability!



This is where we create predictable revenue for you and get you ready to scale!

We’ll find opportunities for adding new products (e.g. a book or course) PLUS new opportunities for you! (e.g. podcast guesting).

Gone are the days of inconsistent months.



It's time to scale out in this phase! Let’s launch more products and expand your reach even further.

In this last phase of your journey, we’ll create a brand and business that is not only sustainable but surpasses your income goals.You’ll have a transformed and unique brand you can finally be proud of.

*Amount earned and time frames will depend on your business model, business acumen, and work ethic.*

Meet Hannah Power.
The Expert Behind The I-Circle

My biggest fear is to be “just another coach.”

Hi. I’m Hannah. Online Business Strategist. Entrepreneur. And the person who’s going to take your business and turn it into something with true passion behind it.

I’m on a mission to help solopreneurs create a thriving business around their knowledge and expertise. If you have a desire to help others by teaching them what you already know, I can’t wait to work with you!

I’m also on a mission to fix the internet by filling it with REAL people, with real stories. Gone are the days when the best marketers win online. My goal is to turn skilled, experienced business owners into marketers with integrity.

We all have a story. We all have a unique message to share with the world. Let’s use yours to create something special that you’re proud of and passionate about. The internet is a place where we can create change for ourselves. It’s time to take advantage.

“There is nobody better than Hannah!”
“I was blown away by her comprehensive understanding of personal branding, and her approach to helping you create a meaningful personal brand is one of a kind!There aren't many people who understand personal branding at such a deep and holistic level! If you're looking for someone who will go above and beyond to help you create a lasting personal brand. There is nobody better than Hannah!”

Neo Lau

My Method:
The Infopreneur Model (The 6 M’s)

During The I-Circle, we’ll make sure you nail each of these core pillars.


Let’s pin down your niche, your audience, and what makes you unique. Then we’ll communicate your message in a way that’s a no-brainer for your future buyers.


Your business model is key to having a lucrative business. Let’s hone down the best option for you that gives you the most freedom and lets you create the biggest impact.


Find the marketing strategies that work for you and feel aligned with your purpose. Let’s banish the one size fits all approach and create something that’s a unique fit for you – and you alone.


As business owners, we’re constantly creating, sharing, leading, and inspiring. Let’s find the right media channels for your personality.


Think like an entrepreneur to become the business owner you know is inside you. Let’s conquer your limiting beliefs and money mindset blocks for good.


Be more productive so you can create more freedom for your lifestyle. Let’s make sure you’re making the most out of your day by using my proven tools and strategies.

This is the method I’ve used to help hundreds of business owners reset their personal branding and make a statement with their brand. I hope you’re next.

Is The I-Circle Right for Me?

Who this is for...

Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and founders who want to …

Build a business based on the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS they already have.

 Share their PASSION with the people they want to help.

Create additional REVENUE streams. Share their expertise by teaching others what they know.

Build, launch, and grow an information-based business.

Commit to change because they understand there are no quick fixes.Do the INNER work on themselves and go on the journey to do so.

Who this is NOT for...

Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and founders who…

Are complacent in their unfulfilling business.

Just want to make money, but don’t care to create passion around what they do.

Are not willing to put in the work it takes to see the results they’re after.

Are NOT ready to invest in their future. Don’t need help transitioning from business owner to infopreneur.

“Since Hannah supported me, my relevance, revenue, and use of digital tools have rocketed.”
“Since Hannah supported me, my relevance, revenue, and use of digital tools have rocketed.I know Hannah is my daughter, and you may think this is a benefit, however, we held a highly professional space between us as client and supplier and as a result, I know I can genuinely recommend her to my network as a result of this.”

Penny Power

Apply for The I-Circle now

After our time together, you’ll walk away with...

where people pay you for your knowledge, skills, and expertise — so you can share what you’ve learned and get paid (very well) for it (and one that’s scaleable).

that’s perfect for you and blends seamlessly with your unique experience — so you can finally feel a passion for your work every day.

A way to finally create FREEDOM
in your lifestyle — so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Your brand as a leader in your field, having the impact you desire.

The I-Circle

A community of future infopreneurs brought together to achieve their goals.
A safe space to be yourself where you can share your wins and challenges.
A blend of teaching, coaching, and peer-to-peer learning.
A way to keep up to date — learn everything I am learning (and implementing) as I go.

Are you ready to start your
information-based business?

one off payment


*all prices exclude VAT


Month 1
Ongoing (for minimum 3 months after)
£495 p/m

*all prices exclude VAT
30 Day Action-Based Refunds Available.

This means if you’ve put in the work and my programme hasn’t worked for you, you’ll receive your money back.

Want a Little Extra Attention?
You Can Upgrade to Get Exclusive 1:1 Time With Me.

I-Circle Exclusive Experience

A monthly 2-hour 1:1 experience
with The I-Circle group coaching.


per month

(Includes everything in The I-Circle PLUS private 1:1 time with me every month during the programme.)

Perfect for you if you want to:

  • Have individual time with me enabling you to move faster
  • Get extra support and accountability.
  • Boost your unique experience.

Initial Clarity Session Add-On

A 90-minute add-on clarity session
PRIOR to your I-Circle start date


one-time upgrade

(Choose this option if you need deeper brand clarity BEFORE you begin in The I-Circle.)

Perfect for you if you want to:

  • Get clear on your message and marketing plan.
  • Define your audience, niche, and USP.
  • Create your personal brand statement.


Still got some questions? Check out the FAQs below

1. What does “infopreneur” mean?

Infopreneur is a term used for packaging up your expertise to create an information-based business. This means you are selling your knowledge to others.

Examples include:

A copywriter turned copywriting mentor.
An entrepreneur teaching others how to become entrepreneurs.
A recruiter now teaching others about recruiting.

So, if you have unique knowledge and experience we can turn that into a thriving infopreneur business model.

2. What if I don’t have time for yet another programme?

Not having enough time is the very thing I can help you with. I help my clients get back more time in their business. Once we work together, you’ll refocus on the things that truly matter and make a difference in your business. Overall, your days will be more structured and productive.

3. How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’re an entrepreneur with the desire to make a change in your business — to create something more purpose-led and aligned with your vision — this is for you.

I’ll help you unravel your story to create something that you were meant to do, so you no longer waste more time on unfulfilling work.

4. What do you mean by “information-based or “info-led” business?

Super simple. This means to have a business centred around information or knowledge you already have. And whether you have goals to write a book, create a program, or launch a course, you can achieve any of these by using the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years.

5. What if I don’t know what to teach?

That’s what I’m here for! I’ll help you figure out where your expertise and past experience meet to help you craft the perfect offer.

6. How many people are going to be in the group?

I’m keeping this group limited to 30 participants for the group programme, and 6 participants for 1:1 support. This way I can give you my undivided attention and ensure I deliver an unbelievable end result.

7. Do you run this programme all year round?

There are no sessions 6 weeks every year from (date range). This is so I can regroup to give you the best overall experience!

8. How long does this programme last?

The I-Circle is an ongoing programme that continues to uplevel your brand. It is done in 3-month contracts where you can go as little as 3 months, or as long as 12 months. The more you put in, the more you get out of the I-Circle programme.

9. Do you offer refunds?

Yes! I offer 30-day action-based refunds. If you’ve done the work for 30 days, shown up to everything, and my process hasn’t worked for you, you can request a refund.

“Hannah helps to give clarity as well as a clear, actionable plan which gets results.”
“Hannah helps to give clarity as well as a clear, actionable plan which gets results. After only a few weeks of working with Hannah I started to see the benefits with an increase in conversations with high-value prospects.”

Paul Morris

Apply for The I-Circle now

30 Day Action-Based Refunds Available.

This means if you’ve put in the work and my programme hasn’t worked for you, you’ll receive your money back.