September 9, 2019

It was only a little over a year ago when my brain was pretty fried. I was quite anxious, a little down and a bit confused about life. Fortunately, the universe scooped me up and took me on the required journey to heal, learn and change my life for the better. The newfound happiness, fulfillment, joy, and excitement for everyday that I found was not something I was planning on losing, so I knew I was going to have to make a commitment every single day to keep my new mindset, my new way of thinking, my new state of being.

This blog is a little different from my other blogs which tend to be more focused around business and being a leader online. However, I thought I would share it as I think it’s important for you, the reader, to be aware that to live the best life possible, you must make positive choices every single day. Life is made up of a series of decisions, we are constantly presented with opportunities to do the right thing or to do the easy thing. About 14 months ago I made a commitment to myself to always do the right thing, never the easy, and that has resulted in my life doing a total 180, making me the happiest person I know.

Below are the three commitments I make to myself every day. Sometimes these are unconscious as they’ve moved into a habit but a lot of the time they are conscious. They are choices. Success and happiness compounds, it starts with a single step, and then lots of little steps which follow. There is no big bang moment, there is a gradual improvement. It is not only available to some, it is available to all, but the first steps come from believing that we deserve it. That the pain, anxiety, confusion, anguish, sadness, overwhelm are not are a natural state, they have learned behaviors over time and we can remove these, layer by layer, making way for joy, happiness, excitement, and fulfillment.

My hope with every blog, with every Instagram live, with every video is that this inspires one person to see the world differently, even if it’s just for that week, that day or even that moment. If you are this person today, please let me know.

My first daily commitment: growth

The first thing that I commit to every single morning is growth. I take responsibility for my day ahead and I make a promise to myself that, when I go to put my head on the pillow that night, I’m going to have grown in some way, it might be physically, mentally, business or spiritually.

I take full responsibility for what that growth is going to be; it might be something that I need to learn, something I need to unlearn (very often), something I want to create, deliver, say or do. Every single day, I always commit to getting some level of growth, some level of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Growth isn’t just about the working week. Over weekends, when I’m not going through my to-do lists, listening to audiobooks or reading, I am still growing. I am still committing to growing that day, even if it means taking my foot off the pedal in some way. In a world as fast as ours, daily growth is paramount to success, it doesn’t have to be huge, it can be small. As long as when I go to sleep at night I know that I am slightly better than I was the day before. It might not be a new skill, it might just be a new perspective on something or even just another brave, vulnerable step into the unknown. If we’re not growing, we’re standing skill. We owe it to ourselves, our futures, our potential, those we can help and serve, those we love. Ask yourself, are you committed to growth?

My second daily commitment: truth

The second thing I am committed to every day is the truth. This is a new one for me because I’ve always been really scared of actually really deeply living my truth. It’s taken me so long to write this blog, even, because of how scared I’ve been to live my truth.

Every single day, even if it hurts, even if I’m scared and even if it potentially upsets the person who’s in front of me or on the other side of the call, I commit to living my truth. I strongly believe that once we are committed to our truth, that’s when stuff really, really starts to change. I will never take the easy way out. If somebody asks me my opinion, I will give them the truth. I am completely committed 100% to deeply living the truth that is inside of me, and I commit to that every morning. Truth can be a hard one to break through as we’re conditioned to ‘do as others do’ to be part of the pack. It takes huge commitment and huge faith to step out of this, be that in your family, friendship group or even more terrifyingly in your own bedroom, on your own and say that you’re going to be truthful to your values, your beliefs, your desires. Ask yourself, what can I do today which gets me one step closer to my truth? Can I be more honest about my feelings in one situation today? Remember, one small step.

My third daily commitment: faith

My final daily commitment is faith. Faith in the universe. Faith in something bigger than myself. Faith in myself. Faith that the path is before me and that, whatever the outcomes are, whatever obstacles come my way: they are meant to come my way.

My faith in the universe get’s stronger everyday, and as I lean closer to the universe, the universe leans closer to me. Everyday I spend a minute or so speaking to the universe with a short prayer (if you don’t like the word prayer you can call it a conversation or a message) I learnt from Gabby Bernstein’s ‘The Universe has your back’. I use this prayer when I feel myself getting anxious, living too much in the future, trying to control things and worrying about outcomes.

Repeat after me, ‘I surrender my goals and plans to the Universe, I trust that there is a plan far greater than mine, I step back, and let love lead the way’. By being committed to these three things every single morning, not only am I happier, but I’m also healthier. I’m more content, I’m constantly serving others and I’m constantly levelling myself up. From the bottom of my heart, I really urge you to have a think about three commitments that you could make for yourself every single morning. If you aren’t ready for three, pick one and commit to it as you take your first deep breath after turning your alarm off.

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