April 20, 2021

Has there ever been a moment where you have thought;

"The piece I wrote was so good, why is nobody interacting with it?"


"The content I created took me so long, surely I should be booking sales calls by now?"

Well, have you ever thought you may not be writing the right type of content for your audience?

With the landscape of social media and content creation changing regularly, we must first understand that to create the right content we have to;

Understand the client, to get across the right content, placing it on the right platform, at the right time, in the right format, using the right language.

Sounds a little complicated right?

Well, before even delving into the journey of where the content needs to go, we have to strip it back to the bare bones and go right back to the start.

Understand the Client

Understanding the client should be at the forefront of every business, whether product or service based, along with your original driving force and your why. If you are unable to delve into the mind of your client or write a page from their journal, do you even know your clients well enough to deliver compelling content that draws them in? Therefore, before we go any further, grab a pen and paper and start mind mapping the following;

  • What are your clients biggest desires?
  • What are you clients current pains and problems?
  • What are the things your clients are saying to themselves and to others?
  • What do your clients think but are afraid to say?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How can your product/service support your clients needs?

Now you have a basic understand of who your client is and what they truly need, you can begin to pull apart what needs to be delivered to your clients to allow them to gain trust in you and your offering. Trust is one of the biggest factors for somebody to buy into, therefore it's imperative that you gain your clients trust through the content in which you are delivering. Creating content can be for the benefit of yourself, as long as you aren't basing your business off this and it's seen as a passion project, however over time you'll come to realize that to create compelling content, we must understand what it is our audiences truly craves from us.

Delving into the depths of their wants, needs and desires, along with their pains and problems, allows you to start creating the right tools and resources that can be delivered to them to alleviate the pains and highlight their desires. More often than not, our ideal clients is us a few years ago. So how can you deliver content efficiently and effectively? Use these 5 steps to define your target audience.

Step One

Understand your client. Delve into psychographics and demographic. Know your client so well that you can write a page from their journal.

Step Two

Figure out your offering, and what it is you are going to help your client with. I help X to do Y so they can Z.

Step Three

Understand your Pillar Content - see how to here.

Step Four

Once you have an understanding of how you would like to create the content, further break this down and create smaller pillars to educate, promote and entertain your clients.

Step Five

Plan and deliver. Planning is key to success, it means things stay relevant, on topic to what you are delivering and has an overarching message - keeping it cohesive and on point. Remember; the content you are creating should enable trust, deliver value, and be in line with your offering and who your client is.

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