April 27, 2021

Building a business is like Crash Bandicoot. And if you don't know what Crash Bandicoot is, pretend you know so I don't feel old, and for those that do know this trusty game, here's a little reminder of the good old days. In a recent team call, I referred to building and running a business as playing Crash Bandicoot, however, I'm Crash and I'm on a mission not to save my beloved girlfriend, but to bring light to Personal Branding whilst also spreading awareness on; everyone having the ability to start a movement with their message. Running a business is hard, and if somebody had told me a few years back during my Bali affair that I would be running a growing agency, I would have laughed in their faces. Well, here we are today, with a team of nine-strong and attempting to battle each level whilst collecting points on the way up. So here are a few lessons Crash has taught me along the way.

Obstacles are key

Just when you think you're on a winning streak, you hit an obstacle, flash a few times and then loose a life.  Luckily if we hit an obstacle in business, we won't flash or loose a life, but we will take a little ego knock. Obstacles are necessary in all aspects of growth, especially in business. There is no linear line to get you from A to B without sometimes running in circles, jumping through a few hoops and missing some key steps. If you can see through the frustrations of these obstacles, they actually become life lessons, business do's and don'ts, and make for a cracking piece of content to share with potential and current clients.

The way you react towards an obstacle will define your next move.

You can't always avoid enemies

Like Crash, you're going to create some of the biggest supporters and friends throughout your journey, but you're also going to run into and create enemies. Of course in the world of business, the less enemies the better, however enemies can be created when you least expect it. Here are some reasons why;

  • You set boundaries; some people just don't like the word no.
  • You align with your values; when you shift into alignment with yourself, those who's values don't align will feel hostile towards your shift - you're growing, this is okay.
  • You stand up for your business and team; unfortunately you'll find people who prefer to take without giving back, when you stand up for yourselves and your business, this can cause some friction.

As long as you show up in your truest authentic form without being a d*ck, you'll get along just fine. Just know that you will run into enemies at points, therefore; protect your energy, business and employees during each battle.

Sometimes you just have to jump

To get over the taller obstacles you can get Crash to double jump, yes - that means Crash goes from crouching to a HIGH jump. This means that in business, sometimes we just have to take the risk and leap. Everyday we have a choice, we can play it safe or take the leap. Whether we hit an obstacle on the way up or on the way down, the only way to learn about ourselves and the world around us is to take the leap. So jump into the unknown, collect more points, and take notes on your journey for the next time. Be brave, like Crash.

You can't always 100%

Yes, we know that Crash can 100%, but he often doesn't/you can't get him too. This is the same in life. You cannot always 100%. Fact. As much as many of us deem ourselves invincible, we just aren't. There isn't anything wrong with that, but we need to be aware of when we're heading towards burn out, or when we're feeling on FIRE and then content keeps flowing. Utilize those fiery days, and be mindful on those less 100 days. We're human, you're creating a business that complements you - don't let it run your life too.

Be patient

Last but definitely not least. Patience. The hardest and most testing part. We throw ourselves into the game and we think that with constant time and effort, maxing out our gaming eyes and rubbing the paint off the gaming remotes, we think we'll nail it. From patience with a client to patience with ourselves for not giving up. Business is hard at points. Life is hard at points. So remember to always be patient with yourself, there's no rush. You're better off taking your time with a clients work to ensure a great outcome, then to rush something and deliver poor results. The same goes with your business; take your time crafting your MVP, your offer statement, your brand colours, don't rush these things. Always remember that there are people out there to support each of your moves, because building a business and brand alone is boring and lonely, be a part of something bigger, creating something bigger. Just take away from this that; Crash, always has your back.

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