April 27, 2021

Being in a state of flow instead of a state of structure doesn't come naturally to me. In fact, it's quite the opposite, it's something I have had to work hard to get to, and depending on how busy I am, I can easily slip out of it.

So what has this got to do with content writing?

Well, those who create their content on a regular basis will understand that it can often be hard to find the 'time' to write and create, compared to doing what you 'need' to do within your business. The catch-22 here is that writing and creating great content is choice. You can choose to put the time and work in, or you can choose to avoid it completely and create poor, uninspired content, which will ultimately get you nowhere. Your Personal Brand relies on you showing up and delivering content and offerings that will not only place you as a leader in your niche, but will boost SEO, increase traffic or leads and ultimately connect you with your potential clients or fans.

When I first started my journey, I spent a lot of time chasing my tail and stuck in 'Do' tasks, finding it hard to switch into creative mode. This for me is known as the Struggler Mindset, I wasn't creating the time or space to push myself to the next level in my career, or take my business to where it needed to go, therefore something had to be done. In came Time blocking. I began to switch from Struggler to Believer, by creating a default diary that would block time to do the tasks I was struggling to do before.

For example, I began switching my Mondays up for Strategy & Admin, Tuesday became Creative & Client Calls days etc., and for the past two years, it has gotten me by and been the savior towards my Believer mindset. But with most 'good', comes a downfall, and for me, this was living my life in a constant time optimized way, which became exhausting. I was constantly squeezing in the time to get into flow, but I had to get sh*t done, and as you expand the to do list can get longer, but your team also get's bigger, providing the space for growth both personally and in business. Which gets me to where I am now, that final transition from Believer to Achiever. I never could have started here as I needed the journey to understand what did work and what didn't.

Presence was at the forefront of my mind, for myself, my clients and the business. I want to show up in the best way that I can everyday, even if it's not a 'good' day, therefore I had to further block and streamline. It's one of the reasons I run Powerful Leaders. Alleviate the pressures of creating and running a personal brand; from Creating websites to Amplifying your message through Social Media. Allowing both and structure into the business week to create a space of support and growth for all those coming through Powerful Leaders.

So what are three ways you can ensure a state of flow when getting content done?

Write down ALL the content ideas you have, whether that's on Notion (if you're not using this, who are you?), by hand or on your notes

*When thinking about the content ideas you're writing down, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is this for the benefit of myself or will potential clients benefit from this?
  2. Am I passionate about this topic? (Sounds silly, but actually sometimes we create things just 'because', and we need to LOVE it to make it decent!)
  3. Can I repurpose this? (From blog to 3x social media posts, or from Video/Podcast to blog and so forth).

Plan your week. Sounds simple doesn't it? But ask yourself, do you stick to your weekly plans? If not, it's time too

First things first, if you are spending hours on your business admin, it's time to hire out. To get into a state of flow, or to move from struggler to achiever, you need to ensure you have the capacity to do this, hiring out is not failing, it's the step up to game-changing.

Block one FULL day to get into a creative flow, choose your work space and get into the zone.


You have to believe in what you do, with every ounce of your being. Plan ahead, hire out, back yourself. You know that people out there are deserving to move towards a better mindset/life/business, so deliver the content that will provide the foundations to do so.

Remember; if you don't like videos, don't do videos. If you don't like writing, create an audio version and transcribe it. There are always ways to move through the content creation process.


You are in control of the decisions you make, don't compare your starting point to somebody else's, this is your journey and yours alone. We all have to start somewhere in all aspects of our life and business, so instead of putting it off and waiting for another day, start now.

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