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Client Stories

Grace McGeehan

Grace is a yoga teacher passionate about the transformational nature of yoga and its ability to move us through trauma. After studying Psychology, she trained in Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Later, she combined this with her yoga training, using online coaching to target the root cause of her client’s problems.

Why did Grace come to me?

Grace came to me after her business had taken a huge hit because of Covid (she had lost all of her face-to-face clients and needed to move her business online as fast as possible). As with many people, this time pushed her to utilise the power of the digital space and generate revenue. Alongside moving into a ‘digital creator’ role, she also wanted to move away from yoga classes into a more therapy-focused coaching approach.

What did we do?

Through Start a Movement With Your Message, Grace was able to build an online programme within 30-days for her clients. We made sure this was more than just a ‘service’; we wanted it to be a journey to create powerful change. Not only was Grace able to access my knowledge through the course, but she was able to connect with other like-minded members of the group and share ideas with them.

We clarified her micro-niche, message and audience and used this to design her first product/service.

During 1:1 Coaching, we worked on her entrepreneur mindset, supporting her to move from freelancer to a business owner. We also focused on her pricing/pricing strategy, delegation and outsourcing.

We worked on lifestyle design and overall ‘flow’, looking at the structure of her week so that she could better plan her time. By separating ‘work’ days, ‘flow’ days and ‘rest’ days, Grace was able to find a better balance, increasing the quality of her work overall.


Since working with me, Grace has launched her signature product, ‘Thrive’, and sold it to over 100 people. This would not have been possible had she not learnt the business, strategy, and personal branding skills through 1:1 coaching. She now has the confidence to take her business forward, sell products, and has an excellent foundation for future brand and business strategy. After working together, she has:

A successful business and fully built products

A strong personal brand with clear messaging

More freedom to do the work she loves as a result of better time management and ‘flow’

Greater revenue, supporting her to reach her lifestyle goals

More exposure, allowing her to create more significant change

An awareness of her limiting beliefs and how to combat them so she can drive her business forward into the future

Now she is looking at taking her 1:1 programmes and turning them into group programmes and retreats to scale her business. She hopes to eventually write a book using her knowledge of the yoga and therapy space.

THE 6 M’s

During our time together, Grace and I focused primarily on Message, Model, Mindset and Management. We started by digging deep and honing Grace’s message so she could build a model around it that would work for both her business and lifestyle. In order to truly live by her own message, we also addressed the limiting beliefs that were holding her back. Part of this was managing her time more effectively, splitting up her week into allocated work hours and projects, so she had the creative time needed to give her full energy to clients.


1:1 Coaching

Start a Movement With Your Message


“Through clear, informative, empowering sessions with Hannah, I was able to set up an online digital business in just 30 days. She’s also supported me in restructuring my week so that I can work when I want and manage my clients around my own needs. Now, I have specific days when I deliver sessions to my clients, allowing me to be fully connected and give my greatest energy. On other days, I focus on the back-end of the business, which enables me to be far more productive in my work and marketing. 

Hannah's solution is incredibly intuitive, allowing me to find the perfect balance between great business management, a healthy work routine and a positive mindset. I can’t recommend her enough; she’s efficient and will get you to where you want to be!”