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Client Stories

Joe David

Meet Joe: a leading U.K. crypto accounting expert disrupting the space of accountancy as we know it. Through the use of tech and cryptocurrency, Joe supports future-facing entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their finances and drive growth within their businesses.

However, when Joe first came to me, he was finding it challenging to position himself as the changemaker he deserved to be. He wanted to tell his story, inspire others, and impact his audience. However, he struggled to find the time and the knowledge to build a successful personal brand that was connected to his business and aligned with his values.

Why did Joe come to me?

Joe was ready to build his personal brand to become the face of his business. However, he had no experience doing this or presence on social platforms. What’s more, he had recently begun a sister company that specialised in crypto accounting and was one of the first accounting agencies to switch into this niche.

Feeling the pressure of ‘getting it right’, Joe felt overwhelmed and unclear on how to approach his current market, let alone how to position himself within his new target market. He also knew he needed to differentiate the businesses and create a standout brand for himself so that he could become a known changemaker in his field.

What did we do?

To begin with, we understood where he was within his niche and compared it to his current market competitors.

We began to analyse how his offering was differentiated and how we could utilise his businesses to become the backbone of his personal brand.

From there, I helped him gain clarity, build out a mission and vision and create a value-aligned offer statement. By doing this, we defined his brand tone of voice and allowed his new target audience to connect with Joe on a deeper level.

We then updated his tagline, slogan and social media bios which were SEO and niche friendly.

Once all profiles were aligned, we:

Built a bespoke social media and content strategy that supported both his personal and business goals.

Set meaningful metrics to keep him accountable.

Carried out ideation sessions to create future content ideas.

Designed his social media headers and visual content templates.

Built personal checklists to support him beyond Launch personal brand consulting.


Joe is now known as the expert within his field, often invited to host workshops and webinars and be a guest speaker on digitally-focused podcasts (most recently, he has been invited on a paid 6-day roadshow as the face of UK crypto accounting). He has also gained influential PR opportunities with huge names like AccountingWEB and CPD Store.

Joe has a team supporting him to utilise and implement all his learnings, with a personal brand strategy focused on 6 platforms, with a 7th in the building process. After working together, he has:

Social media presence across two platforms (his Twitter account had over 142k impressions in the last 2 months)

Content aligned with his personal brand and values and clear goals and plans on how to create content that positions him as a leader within his field

Attracted significant opportunities, such as his appointment as an official consultant on the implementation of crypto and NFT in the UK 

Successfully expanded his business into the UAE (and regularly picked up by major accounting firms worldwide)

Gained major Cardano funding

Expanded his business model, aiming to launch an NFT membership for clients this year (his clients are already whitelisting to get priority). We’re also working closely with FactoryDAO to turn this project into the first crypto accounting DAO.

THE 6 M’s

Joe and I worked on Message, Mindset and Media during our time together. We defined his message, deciphering how his offering could differentiate him from other experts in the tech space. In doing so, we not only expanded his reach but actually turned him into the go-to individual in the UK crypto industry.


1:1 Coaching




“Since Launch, I’ve been showing up, with support, on two social platforms, been presented with amazing opportunities and have also taken to launching both businesses properly on socials after a lacklustre attempt myself. I still work closely with Steph now and have regular calls with Hannah to keep me in check”