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Client Stories

Paul Morris

Paul Morris is the Founder and Ceo of Addmaster, a company that has soared to success in the antimicrobial technology space. He had a successful business but wanted to understand more about personal branding, particularly the positive effects of having a strong Linkedin presence.

Why did Paul come to me?

Paul came to me at the beginning of Covid, knowing he had the potential to build a stronger personal brand. He understood that ‘people buy from people, not businesses’ and wanted to build a founder brand. He hoped this would get him known in the industry, believing LinkedIn had the potential for him to achieve that. As a busy founder, Paul had very little time to spare and felt I could simplify the process and show him the power of LinkedIn quickly. 

What did we do?

Paul and I started by focusing on his message, digging into what he wanted to be known for as a Founder and the CEO of Addmaster

Following on from this, we updated his LinkedIn profile and created a solid content strategy which was executed by my team from my previous agency, Powerful Leaders

Finally, we set up a LinkedIn outreach strategy to connect Paul with his ideal clients


At the end of our time together, Paul had astounding results. He now has:

An industry award for thought leadership in his field (his personal brand elevating him to changemaker status)

Attracted a partner online through LinkedIn, which ended up being the company that acquired his business for multi 7-figure sale

An MBE from the Queen for services to business, of which he attributes a lot down to his personal brand and message sharing (he believes a crucial part of his nomination was down to his LinkedIn presence)

THE 6 M’s

Paul and I focused on Message and Media. We honed in on the niche he could own and created a consistent strategy to showcase it to the world. Paul is an example of how powerful a personal brand can be for a Founder, no matter where they are on their journey.


1:1 Coaching



“I started working with Hannah due to a desire to grow my personal brand, particularly around my Linkedin presence. I had already seen the power of what a strong content strategy and profile can do, but I felt I needed to really strengthen my strategy. I chose to work with Hannah as it was clear she is an expert in what she does. Hannah helps to give clarity as well as a clear, actionable plan which gets results. After only a few weeks of working with Hannah, I started to see the benefits with an increase in conversations with high-value prospects.”