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Client Stories


Penny Power OBE is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of BIP100 (a community of experts who come together to connect, share and support each other in business and life). When Penny and I started working together, she was already an established, capable entrepreneur. She had several companies, a known and trusted brand in the market, and had been awarded an OBE by the Queen for her services to entrepreneurship.

However, Penny wanted to create change. She wanted to build a business on her terms, around her passion for community and her desire to support small business owners. She knew the way to do so was to launch a fully online business with no investors, which would enable her total freedom and help her have a more significant impact on her audience. What’s more, she wanted to create a better work-life balance for herself, stepping away from the London tube rush and, instead, carving out adequate time for exercise and self-care.

Why did Penny come to me?

As you may have guessed, Penny is not just a successful entrepreneur, but she’s also my mum! She was my first official client when I started as a personal branding coach and still remains one of my greatest success stories.

Penny came to me ready to define and deliver her message. She wanted to build products and services around this, enabling her to have a greater impact on her audience in a more controlled way. When we began working together, she had just finished writing her book ‘Business is Personal’, a real story of her journey as a business owner through the years. She needed support in launching her book and building a business around her skills and experience.

What did we do?

We started by identifying Penny’s message, niche and audience and the best way she could support her community and create change.

Once we identified her audience, we built her website and created her brand identity, visuals and photos.

The next stage was to create Penny’s first product: Mastermind. This product allowed her to start running a 6-figure business straight away, launching her as a ‘digital creator’.

Sadly, Covid hit, and we were forced to pivot Penny’s business, creating BIP100 (an online network). BIP 100 has now become the central product for Penny’s business, enabling her to support entrepreneurs worldwide. The business has a model that allows Penny to have the freedom and revenue she desires and do the work she loves most: leading communities.

We continually looked at marketing strategies, brand content, time management, and a holistic picture of ‘flow’ throughout our time together. This helped Penny delegate, outsource and support herself as we worked on her overall mindset and boundaries. 


On our journey, Penny moved from being a successful but overworked entrepreneur to an established conscious creator. When she started, she was overwhelmed with where to start, knowing she could make money online but confused about how she could package up her skills and market herself just as she is. Now she has…

Multiple 6-figure businesses

A product suite

A successful book that supports others on their entrepreneurial journey

A powerful, well-known personal brand

An ongoing relationship with clients where she can deliver the products she loves

Incredible client testimonials

A better relationship with her work, leaving behind ‘hustle’ culture and, instead, doing the work she loves. By taking a holistic approach (looking at the bigger picture of her work and life), we managed to design a great lifestyle around her work

The potential to scale and grow her business going forward

THE 6 M’s


We defined Penny’s message, niche, audience and USP.


We created Penny’s products and the foundation of her creator-led business.


To build and maintain Penny’s influence in the industry, we used LinkedIn as her focus channel.


I set Penny up with the right processes and systems so that she could better organise her time and outsource tasks to be more efficient.


We worked on developing a marketing strategy, creating a website to market Penny’s new products, and using LinkedIn to deliver her message to her audience.


We worked on Penny’s mindset, supporting her to lean into her strengths, delegate and create healthy boundaries around relationships and work.


1:1 Coaching



Website Build


“I planned to build revenue around my new book "Business is Personal" and to support others in their quest to lead the life and business they wanted. The skill you need to make it clear to your potential customers about how you have impact and to build a brand that can be trusted cannot be under-estimated, nor can it be ignored as an essential asset in all our businesses. Since Hannah supported me, my relevance, revenue and use of digital tools have rocketed.”