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Client Stories


TJ Power MSc began his professional journey lecturing in psychology and neuroscience at the University of Exeter. After years of researching the alterations in society’s mental health, TJ left the world of academia to build Digital Mind and began teaching thousands of people how to navigate our fast-changing digital world.

Why did TJ come to me?

Tj came to me at the end of his master's in Psychology. He had a huge passion for psychology and mental health and wanted to build a business and brand around this, but he had no idea where to start.

He knew that mental health was becoming more critical for society, but he wanted to carve a space in the industry that was entirely his own. In short, he wanted to be more than just ‘another’ mental health consultant; he wanted to be a digital creator driving real change.

What did we do?

We worked together to identify his niche of ‘digital mind’, supporting others to navigate their mental health in this ever-growing, more complicated digital world.

I supported him in overcoming his fear of specialising and finding a micro-niche. When he came to me, he was terrified of being too specific, but through our work together, he grew to understand the importance of this in attracting his ideal clients.

We honed his message, creating a personal brand statement that was highly targeted and specialised.

Once this was done, we decided on the platforms best suited to his business and focused on these for our branding strategy going forward.

Through holistic coaching, TJ learned to productise and manage his time as an entrepreneur so that he didn’t get overwhelmed and still had the creative time to grow and develop. 


Tj moved from a university student to a successful creator-led business, supporting others to navigate the world of technology. Now he is output-driven, clear on his message, passions and goals, and creating active change in his industry. Tj’s results are incredible; he:

Has stepped into his role as a digital creator, designing successful products and working with huge clients like Coca Cola

Regularly speaks at events about digital mental health and has become a well-known changemaker in the digital mental health sphere

Works with schools to educate the younger generation on the link between technology and the mind

Has built a following on Instagram of 30k+ (his following has grown in conjunction with the quality of his messaging)

Generates business regularly due to his messaging on Linkedin and his website

Has proven that you don’t need lots of business understanding, just the desire to build a business around your passions and create change

THE 6 M’s

For TJ, the most important ‘Ms’ we’ve worked on together are Message, Mindset and Marketing. TJ and I worked together to define his ideal niche, and since then, his brand and business have skyrocketed. He has an incredible online presence, and his success on Instagram (which I take no credit for!) showcases what is possible if you focus on building your brand from the ground up. 


1:1 Coaching


Website Build


“A big thank you to Hannah, who pushed me to find my niche, even when it seemed terrifying to be so specific. In doing so, I went from being the general ‘mental health guy’ to specialising in the tech mental health sphere. This has generated some incredible conversations for me over the last year, and I can’t thank Hannah enough for getting me to this point in my business so fast. It’s going to make a monster difference for the future”